Welcome to our site, we are so glad you are interested in traveling with us. We would like to tell you a story of a dream. As a family we had a dream and we are a good example that THE DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Our dream was to travel the Balkan with a train and explore different places, learn about the culture of each country and taste the different cuisine. We wanted to teach our children how important it is to learn more about the other cultures, so they can learn to appreciate them more as well as your own.

So, why not to start from our neighboring countries. The world is so big, but let’s not forget that there are amazing places and things that have to be seen even near us.

We did it and it was unforgettable experience and now we want to share that opportunity of happiness to you and many other families, not only from the Balkans, but from all over the world. Come and join us in this adventure.

The trains can take you to magical places. Buy your ticket and the adventure can begin.

To make a reservation for the trip click HERE.

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