Program 1 Start from Ljubljana

Day 1 Ljubljana

Our adventure starts here! In Ljubljana. Slovenian capital. After a short meeting, we wait for the rest of the group to join us at the reception of the hotel Slon. Local guide is going to join us at 3:00 p.m. and he is going take us for two hour walking tour of the city. After tour you will have a free time. 

Overnight in Ljubljana. 

Day 2 Ljubljana – Zagreb

Ljubljana offers lots of activities for young generations, so lets explore it together! In the afternoon, after lunch we continue our journey to Zagreb, capital city of Croatia. 

Overnight in Train. 

Day 3 Zagreb

Arriving in Zagreb in morning. At 12 a.m. We meet in the lobby of the hotel our local guide Nenad, who will show us the main attraction in Zagreb in a two hour walking tour. 

Overnight in Zagreb.

Day 4 Zagreb – Belgrade

After lunch, we continue our journey to Belgrade, capital of Serbia. 

Overnight in the train.

Day 5 Belgrade

City tour of Belgrade with local guide 

Overnight in Belgrade. 

Day 6 Belgrade – Skopje

After dinner we continue our journey, We take a train to Skopje, Capital of North Macedonia. 

Overnight in the train.

Day 7 Skopje

In the morning hours we arrive in Skopje, our local guide Vesna takes us to the hotel where she explains the plan of the day. At 12:00 p.m. she takes us on the city tour. 

Overnight in Skopje 

Day 8 Skopje – Istanbul

After free afternoon in Skopje we go… 

Overnight in the train 

Day 9 IstanbulOvernight in Istanbul 

Day 10 Istanbul

In the morning hours.. After lunch we say goodbye to the group.  End of the service

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