Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia, has many nicknames. Starting as a City of earthquakes, because if we look back through the centuries every 500 years some strong earthquake has destroyed the city. However, Skopje has been rebuilt each time.

The last terrible earthquake happened on 26 July 1963, when 80% of the city just disappeared in few minutes. As always, Skopje was rebuilt then. This time many countries helped in different ways. Because of that, we call Skopje the City of solidarity.

We are visiting the two parts of Skopje and we take you on a travel traveling through time. Starting from the ancient, Roman, Ottoman period and the new modern Skopje.

The Old Bazaar in Skopje is a place with many hidden gems.  Going through it in a hurry is a big mistake. You need at least half a day for a complete experience so you can have time to walk through the small streets full of shops, relax in some of the restaurants for lunch, drinking Turkish coffee or tea, maybe some dessert or to enjoy the architecture and buying souvenirs.

When crossing over the Stone Bridge, the symbol of Skopje, you are entering the modern city that will amaze you with all those statues, fountains and buildings with different styles.

Accommodation is in the city center and it’s easy to visit anything by foot or taxi as well.

Hotels that we work with are:

Bushi Resort and Spa

Alexander Square Hotel

Hotel Leonardo

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