Welcome to Zagreb! The capital city of Croatia. First time mentioned in 1094 when town Kaptol was established. In 1242 the second town Gradec was established by king Bela IV. Zagreb started to develop after two old towns Kaptol and Gradec united. Taking a shortest funikuler in the world is a lifetime experience, one minute of your life sure is an adventure. Walk among the streets of the Upper town is a charming experience especially in the evening when the gas lamps are turned on. Booooom goes the cannon from the 13 century Tower Lotrščak, the one of the oldest parts of the Upper Town. St Mark church is one of the most beautiful in the and you will see why. Zagreb’s Cathedral is one of the main attractions in the city and it is a biggest Catholic Cathedral in the whole Balkan.

Accommodation is in the city center and it’s easy to visit anything by foot or taxi as well.

Hotels that we work with are:




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